Denise Tomasello has performed at Eighty Eight's, The Town Hall, The Cinegrill, and The Park West, and she has appeared with Don Rickles, Alan King, and Jackie Mason. So, it was a thrill to see her make her debut performance at Davenport's Piano Bar and Cabaret in what was one of the finest cabaret shows I have ever seen anywhere.

From the opening notes of "Gee but It's Good to Be Here" to the encore performance of "If I Ruled the World," Ms. Tomasello proved that she is nothing short of a cabaret star. She brought the house down with her heartfelt rendition of "At the Ballet," her own take of "I'm Still Here"(with special lyric by Bob Moreen), and brilliant interpretation of Jacques Brel's "Carousel." Peppered with entertaining anecdotes about living with earthquakes in Los Angeles and a demonstration of her daily beauty routine, she was entertaining, funny, and held the audience in the palm of her hand. The audience was grateful for every moment spent with Ms. Tomasello, giving her not one, but two standing ovations. Yes, Denise Tomasello is a star, and her 4-star show should not be missed by anyone who wants to see what cabaret is all about.

        Todd Shuman
        Cabaret Hotline

"... Tomasello can be vulnerable in her delivery of 'Someone To Watch Over Me', she's vindictive while singing 'I don't Remember Christmas' and she's every guys party girl in 'There's No Cocaine In Cancun'. How rare it is to experience so many sides of a woman in so little time."

"... Lots of performers have terrific voices . . . Lots are sexy and gorgeous . . . Lots are cloyingly clever . . . but few are all three, and even fewer combine these gifts into an act as engaging as the petite pistol known as Denise Tomasello."

"... a voice that rivals Liza Minelli's in scope and expressiveness."

"... Wildly glamorous and wickedly amusing, she can handle a love song as well as any, and when she really sinks her teeth into a belter's delight the room sizzles."

"... Only a handful of entertainers seem really comfortable doing live cabaret. She was born to captivate audiences."

"... There's the chemistry and magic of sitting a few feet from a real, live talent...Rare in these TV oriented nights."

        Ann Gerber

"...It may be the best show of its' kind in the country."

        Barry Karthow
        Orange County Register

"... Tomasello's pert vocal wit is as charming as it is unique."

"... Chanteuse, a favorite cabaret performer is creating her own special world."

"... It's her vibrant voice and empathy for the lyrics she sings that elevates her above most of the cabaret crowd."

"... It's easy to feel possessive about this superb entertainer -- she's sexy, funny and smart and she turns each of her songs into a little play. She's a treasure you want to share with someone special."